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The BRSR framework is based on the ‘National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct’ (NGRBC) issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. It aims to encourage companies to go beyond mere regulatory compliance and ensure that they are conducting business in an ethical manner, respecting the interests of all their stakeholders. Check our brochure here.
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Enhancing Transparency and

Building Trust:

BRSR facilitates open dialogue about an organization’s practices and impact, fostering trust among diverse stakeholders – investors, employees, consumers, and the community at large. This heightened level of transparency cultivates robust relationships and bolsters the corporate reputation.

Effective Risk


BRSR offers a robust framework to identify, evaluate, and mitigate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks. By proactively addressing these challenges, corporations can sidestep potential financial losses and reputational damage.

Gaining Competitive


Companies engaging in BRSR often secure a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining not only conscientious consumers but also high-caliber talent who align their professional goals with companies upholding their values.

Attracting Investment and
Reducing Capital Costs:

With ESG factors playing an increasingly vital role in investment decisions, comprehensive BRSR can captivate the attention of discerning investors and funds. It may even lead to a decrease in the cost of capital, as some analyses suggest companies demonstrating robust ESG performance at times benefit from lower debt and equity costs.

Complying with
Regulatory Norms:

While BRSR may be a statutory requirement in certain regions, corporations worldwide are recognizing its inherent value. Adopting BRSR proactively can prepare businesses to meet any potential future regulatory mandates, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Encouraging Stakeholder

BRSR offers a strategic platform for engaging with stakeholders, enabling corporations to better comprehend their expectations while demonstrating their commitment to fulfilling these aspirations.

Fostering Sustainable

BRSR identifies avenues for innovation and cost-efficiency, such as energy conservation or waste reduction, fueling sustainable, long-term growth.

Our Services

Enhance your business sustainability journey with SustainX Labs‘ robust BRSR-BRR consultancy services. Our expert team is committed to supporting the implementation and management of your BRSR-BRR initiatives. We empower you to not only meet compliance standards but also elevate your strategic approach, ensuring your organization is at the forefront of sustainable business practices.

BRSR-BRR In-Depth Reporting

Unlock comprehensive insights with our meticulous BRSR-BRR reporting services

BRSR-BRR Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking and gap analysis under BRSR-BRR guidelines.

BRSR-BRR Policy Alignment

Aligning corporate policies and principles with BRSR-BRR requirements.

BRSR-BRR Trainings

Enhance your team’s capabilities with our specialized BRSR-BRR training programs

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What is BRSR Reporting?

BRSR, or Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting, is a unified disclosure framework for companies to report on their socially responsible and sustainable business practices.

How is BRSR reporting different from regular financial reporting?

BRSR reporting extends beyond financial metrics to include non-financial parameters like environmental impact, social welfare, and governance practices, providing a more comprehensive view of a company’s performance and impact.

Who needs to comply with BRSR reporting?

Although initially designed for top listed companies, BRSR reporting is becoming a common practice for all companies committed to transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility in their operations.

Why is BRSR reporting important?

BRSR reporting allows companies to communicate their commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices, improving their image among stakeholders, attracting ethical investment, and aiding in regulatory compliance.

How often should a company prepare a BRSR report?

Typically, a BRSR report is prepared annually as part of the company’s yearly reporting. However, the frequency may vary depending on regulatory requirements or the company’s own sustainability goals.